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Vanity Fair

Poltrona Frau
Designer: Poltrona Frau Archives

Archetype of the modern armchair, Vanity Fair is the reproduction of the very famous model "904" created by Frau in 1930. A timeless piece, by now settled in the collective imagination as a synonym of elegance, was the arrival point of the stylistic innovations of Renzo Frau and was put into production only several years after his death by his wife Savina Pisati. The armchair is returned into production with great success from 1984, assuming the name in tribute to the homonymous American magazine.

The armchair is highly characterized by the rounded but compact shape and by the row of leather upholstered nails that add the finishing touch to the seatback and armrests, the sole concession to the ornament in a soft, sinuous and enveloping line that contrasted strongly with the angular rigor of modernism then in vogue. The secret of its shape is in the strict numerical proportions that regulate the relations among its parts, according to an ideal of classical beauty that seduces from the outset also the world of jurnalism and cinema: there are indeed numerous appearances in Hollywood movies. But the reasons of its success don't lie only in the aesthetic: as per all the products, Frau utilizes noble materials from certified quality and destined to last over time, increased in their maximum value by an expert craftmanshipthat requires as many as21 hours for each piece.

Technical descriptions: Armchair Vanity Fair has a support structure in seasoned beechwood , to which are fixed woven jute belts forming a base for the springing. This is then obtained through the fixing of double cone steel springs hand-tied to the seat, backrest and arms through with jute ropes, each one with a different tension depending on the position. The whole is then covered with hempen cloth before to proceed with the padding, obtained with a panel of vulcanized horsehair on the seat and with the softest vegetable horsehair for backrest and arms, all shaped by hand by the craftsman. The seat cushion is padded in goose feather instead. The feet are in beechwood stained dark walnut.

The upholstery is in Pelle Frau, cut and sewn by hand with the help of the most sophisticated machinery and available in 5 different lines (Color System, Nest, Heritage, Soul, Century) that enhance full advantages of all the features; it is applied after covering of the padding with a cotton cloth, so as to avoid irregularities.

The final touch is the application on the back of a numbered plaque gilded with 24 carat gold plating bath, seal of authenticity for a piece imitated all over the us

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