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Designer: Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini, Franco Teodoro

Sacco is an armchair with particular characteristics, become a real cult item. It shows with a simply aspect of a big plastic or soft saddle leather bag bean-shaped, filled two-thirds with polystyrene spheres. This particular structure allows a total ergonomics: the whole surface of the armchair can easily adapt with the curves who seats, modeling on his/her forms like fresh snow. At rest it looks like a shapeless heap, element of freedom and discontinuity of furniture, and then it swells in its characteristic features due to the pressure of the body.

Daughter of 1968 and of overcoming of modernist functionalism to a more unconventional and informal design, Sacco immediately communicates an idea of comfort and softness. Its joyful and colourful forms are immediately recognizable, even if there are several copies. Its characteristics also make it very light and easily transportable.

Its conception is perfectly suited with the desire of freedom as much of its time as of today and its popularity is immediate and durable. Its status as a pop icon is confirmed by numerous film appearances (including the famous comedy sketch, protagonist along with Giandomenico Fracchia and Paolo Villaggio) and its presence in several museums all over the world, including the MoMa of New York.

Technical descriptions: The armchair is made up of a cover containing balls of foam polystyrene with high resistance. The covering can be chosen among over 35 colours and it is available in version: Volo, Tela Egitto (remouvable), Sole, Tecno (Outdoor), or in saddle us

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