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Designer: Eero Saarinen

The tables of Saarinen collection are a re-release of the series "Pedestal" produced in 1958, to which belongs also the famous chairs Tulip, which follows the same philosophy of composition. The famous architect and designer of Finnish origin realized the collection at the peak of his career, when he was already considered the most important architect in the Unites States. It was the result of a long reflection time to solve the problem of "ugly, confused, agitated world" which lays under the table, namely the uncomfortable tangle of legs.

Saarinen solved the problem at its root, removing the legs and replacing them with a single threadlike and thin central support. The result was a table with essential and futuristic lines, typical of "organic design" , of which its author was one of the main exponents. In its plastic but soft form, the youth training in the field of sculpture of Saarinen had a lot of impact. Also Florence Knoll considered him the best designer she have never worked, declaring to find in his works a superior honesty compared with any other design object.

Technical descriptions: All the tables of "Saarinen" collection have the same base in aluminum realized according to the original drawings of 1956. The base is available in white or black colour with finishing of protection in Rilsan or platinum with polyurethane varnished with transparent finishing. The top, oval or round, can be in plastic laminated, in marble or in wood. The marble top has a depth of2 cm and it is realized with best quality materials, selected to avoid imperfections, and it is available in different colours both with glossy polyester finishing and with glazed finishing. Woods are selected among 6 different types: natural maple, natural oak, ebonized oak, walnut, teck and santos palissandro.

The collection includes also tables of different dimensions, belonging to the typology of "Coffee table" and "Side Table". Knoll also gives an outdoor version of Saatinen version, whose top is realized in acrylic stone (composed by aluminum hydroxide, acrylic resin and natural pigments). This material gives to the product a particular strength, ensuring cleanliness, water resistance and colour stability over the us

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