Our history, a timeline that never stops to move forward

Salvioni was founded by Mr Angelo Salvioni in the 1950's as a family business, firstly manufacturing furniture and later trading design products.
In 1986, his sons, Ercole and Giovanni, combined their skills acquired in different experiences and converted the business family into entrepreneurial reality, dedicated exclusively to trading.
The first showroom was in Inverigo, in the province of Como, with a surface of 2.000 m2(21.600 Ft2) which was doubled in 1988 thanks to the acquisition of the sales point in Lentate sul Seveso, near Milan.
The 1990's saw Salvioni SpA raising steeply: in 1995 the Architect Paolo Piva designed the prestigious facade of continuous glass for the showroom in Inverigo. In 1998, a new logistics department of 1.500 m2(16.200 Ft2) was created to underline the increasing efficiency in the business organization while in 1999 the opening of the exclusive Salvioni Store rendered an even more complete products' offer.
In 2010, the main headquarters in Inverigo was enlarged thanks to the project of the Arch. Paolo Piva with a total area of 3.200 m2(34.500 Ft2).

Over the years, due to his professional work, Mr Giovanni Salvioni was awarded several titles: in 2005 he was elected "Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic" and in 2010 "Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic".

Finally, in 2011 he received the honour of "Knight of the Order of Merit for Labour", awarded to those "who have been singularly meritorious" in work: since 1901 to this day, he is the first retailer in the interior design field to gain this prestigious Italian award.

In 2014 the new logistics department of over 7.000 m2 (75.000 ft2), which is basic for a company that is now international-wide, has been inaugurated.

Data and numbers

Salvioni company represents more than 100 brands. The showrooms' total surface is 9.000 m2 and the total for the logistics departments is 8.000 m2. The staff is composed by 82 employees, of which 27 between architects and designers. The design department is formed by 8 people, who are constantly updated about all proposals presented in the showrooms.

The export office is directed by 8 employees with specific skills able to satisfy customers' requirement from all over the world. A team of 32 specialized workers deals with the delivery and the assembling of modular systems and kitchens in Italy and across the world. The company is also composed by 15 motor vehicles.


The philosophy of the Salvioni shops

The company offers a complete and constantly updated view, paying attention to the changes in market requirements. The showrooms are created to guarantee a total vision on the collections presented by the most prestigious design companies, showing the latest creations. Salvioni company always reflects the topical trends. "The shop is an experience" Mr Salvioni affirms, in fact each showroom takes into consideration the customers' emotional dimension and their expectations. Mr Salvioni, the president, states: "the shop will be a place where different styles meet and melt in harmony".

the company

The business reality

Salvioni offers a full picture on contemporary interior design's world with an exhibiting surface of 6000 sq. meters between Como and Milano. A showroom network in which best furniture brands find their position to show their best products: from bookshelves to wardrobes, beds and sofas, kitchens and accessories, bathrooms and outdoor, offices and lamps, curtains, doors and carpets. A complete overview which identifies Salvioni as a no frontier reality able to export Italian design all over the world. Salvioni became the reference for international customers thanks to the wide brands proposal as well as its punctuality and reliability in service.