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Poltrona Frau

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Poltrona Frau has been established in 1912 and its success is due to elegance and perfection of Made in Italy. This brand has been developing its abilities thanks to the tradition of artisanal masters which are handing down secrets of this art.

Collections are interpreting timeless beauty and each piece is characterized by defined personality , and exclusive design which underline handicraft applied to the most contemporary configurations. All these points joint to a constant material research, going across 'aged leather' to natural one, from hides to handmade fabrics, which are able to preserve warmth, softness and original tactile.

Poltrona Frau is able to furniture all type of ambience : from home to office, from public open spaces to public way of communication. World famous Vanity Fair is the symbol product, entirely handicraft which since 30's has become the archetype of modern armchair.

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