Suspension lamps in wrought iron and velvet sofas. Opinion Ciatti and #FollowYourRoots2016

25 - 08 - 2016

Follow your Roots collection, presented for the first time last year, has been enriched with new furniture proposals and home accessories inspired by Florentine Medieval and Renaissance heritage. The brand finds inspiration from every day life and produces real art-works with their own dignity able to fit in any environment.

Opinion Ciatti's new products perfectly reflect the vocation to amaze and to dare and the provocateur attitude of the maison. This is the case of Batti Batti, the suspended lamp in wrought iron inspired by the work of medieval blacksmiths, that recalls the action of hitting (Battere) the metal to give it the desired shape. These lamps are made with a technique similar to the one that the old craftsmen used to perform, making them unique products, a one of a kind. also in serial production.

Another product worth mentioning is Guelfo, a black velvet sofa from the homonyms  collection, that comes together with a black velvet armchair and little pouf, which reminds of the eighteenth century padded bergère.

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