Stools and high tables inspired by Japanese art of Ikebana: Desalto presents Ike

15 - 07 - 2016

Desalto inaugurates 2016 with a new collection inspired by Japanese art of Ikebana; the contrast between the natural element and its man-made container is reinterpreted by the designer Victor Vasilev. To shape his idea of furniture Vasilev takes inspiration from wildlife such as branches, leaves, flowers.

The most representative product of the collection is Ike, a stool made of tubular elements which grow from the base; just like the branches of a tree they climb their way up widening and reaching the perfectly flat and smooth seat, which represents a perfect contrast to the natural reference of structure.

To expand the Ike collection there are also high and low tables and chairs; always characterized by the purity of the design line and the contrast between curved tubular elements flat horizontal seating surfaces.

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