Sofas and beds with the Zanotta style, new products made of comfortable and elegant shapes

01 - 06 - 2016

The new collection is enriched by iconic new proposals, giving different perceptions and suggestions, to astonish and fascinate. Zanotta for the 2016 offers a wide range of furniture referring to the history of the brand, while remaining contemporary and emblematic for the future.

For Zanotta the house is a space where the formal simplification of the product is reinterpreted in a modern and functional way, without missing the aesthetic essentiality of the great masters of the past.

Between the new proposals, the Botero sofa reminds a soft hug thanks to the horizontal  stripes on the backrest and armrests. The padding of the backrest, slightly reclined, offers a comfortable support without the need for additional pillows. Is an extremely adaptable sofa, that can be used in many different contexts and with different configurations thanks to the modularity of the elements.

Following the same style and design concept, the Ruben bed has a steel frame for the feet and an upholstery with a range of neutral colors.

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