Small tables and storage beds from Meridiani. On exhibit an elegant design, never excessive

22 - 01 - 2016

Today we increase the knowledge of the brand with two new proposal for the living and the night area, to prouve that the interior design vision of Meridiani is something more than a basic furniture or an accessory, but is a proper concept of elegance, with a fine attetion to the details, in order to take hold each part of the house.

Belt low table, for the living area, laying on the floor in a monolithic way, giving the idea of something “stable”. This thanks to the basic shape - square, round or elliptical – of the design idea, with a bronze brass finishing and marble or glass top.

The night area is represented by Tuyo collection: a selection of beds and storages, with an almost tailored creation and customizable shapes and covers. Maxi wall-mounting headboars, with fabrics, particular proccessing techniques and wide sizes, redefine the space inside the bedroom, talking with functions and other furnitures.

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