Roda outdoor furniture: Mediterranean style for coffee tables, sunshades and space dividers

30 - 05 - 2016

Roda introduces new iconic collections for the outdoor, refined and with warm tones,  signed by Rodolfo Dordoni and Gordon Guillaumier, two designers that collaborate from many years with the brand.

Mediterranean attitude” is the leitmotif of the new collections, introduced at the Salone del Mobile 2016 with an exhibition space with leafy plants, towering palm trees, bamboo canes and warm tones, that recreate in the stand a typically Mediterranean outdoor area.

Dordoni designed the new collection of space divider Wing: a painted steel structure is a frame for the densely interwoven polyester straps. Extremely adaptable, the screen can be repeated in different configurations, to create private little corners and to provide greater intimacy for the outdoor.

Guillaumier signs the Leaf coffee tables lines, a design with soft and tapered shapes, a glass top, with shade of emerald green, supported by a light stainless steel structure.

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