Porada @ IMM Cologne: new queen-size beds for the night area

01 - 04 - 2016

Porada shows various proposals at the Imm Cologne fair, to prove that the company is always very active in research and development of new technologies and experimentation in the materials field. These innovations, however, always leave intact the inimitable touch that the brand can give to each piece of furniture designed and made by its designers and craftsmen.

Inside the exhibition space of Cologne stands out products like the nest of Rogers side tables for the living room in solid canaletto walnut with tips in natural maple; soft lines where is possible to have the feeling of 70s furnitures. Or the Hilton room divider, a schematic "S" with a design of the interior played on the regular alternation of full and empty element in solid canaletto walnut or in metal with a bronzed brass finishing.

The real protagonist of the german kermesse the Ziggy queen-size bed, that enrich the main collection, is composed by a complete furniture, for the night area and even for the living. Also available in solid canaletto walnut and upholstered headboard, customizable thanks to a wide range of fabrics at disposal.

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