Poltrona Frau @ IMM Cologne 2016: neutrals tones for sofas and armchairs

08 - 02 - 2016

The scenographic space designed by Michele De Lucchi for Poltrona Frau at IMM Cologne depicts the intimacy and the familiarity of an home environment. Neutral colors from gray to beige are in harmony with the mood that the maison want to transmit to the visitors. An emotional mood stimulate memories, reflections and contemplations, all this elements join to the every day way of live thanks to chromatism and materials.

Some of the most important items, like Aida armchair or Massimosistema sofa, are dressed with new nuance and new materials to reflect the stylistic print that the brand want to offer to their clients.

Designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, Aida armchair is showed up with a new outer shell in Saddle Extra leather, that is an elegant contrast with the soft and sinous design. A combination that ideally connect the interior of fifties.

Poltrona Frau choose the occasion also to present the new cover in leather Frau Safari, an hand-made rough finishes, used on the Massimosistema modular sofa.

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