For one night only, Baxter Cinema transforms into a secret bar for the event “Members Only”

07 - 12 - 2016

Salvioni Milano and Baxter amazed their guests once again casting them inside a mysterious scene with a fairytale twist. The Baxter Cinema, situated in Largo Augusto in Milan, hosted the event “Members Only”, a party inspired by the most exclusive secrets clubs scattered across the biggest metropolitan cities in the world.

In collaboration with Elle Decor magazine and Adeum Cinema Suites, visitors have been greeted by a mysterious urban forest, curated by the floral designers Figli dei Fiori, that was hiding a narrow secret passage leading into the building depths.

Once descended the narrow stairway the impression was to have been thrown into a miniature wonderland. Up for grabs there were tastes of fine whiskeys provided by the historic Nardini distillery, and a professional barber was ready to start the volunteers to the extraordinary benefits of the male beauty products signed Depot.

For the less daring the possibility of challenging friends in a fierce pool game, while tasting  delicious chocolates offered for the occasion by the Turinese chocolate producers La Perla.

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