Nomon: more than clocks. Design items with a technological heart

26 - 02 - 2016

The spanish company Nomon, presents today in 60 countries around the world, is characterizated by the high quality of the materials and in particular for the processing technique, taking care of details and precision assembly.

Nomon clocks are not only devices to beat time, but are real interior design items, that give style and elegance to the house environment. The clocks in the Nomon's vision became protagonist, standing out from the other furniture elements thanks to the creativity of the design, to the use of new technologies and to the engaging design of Josè Maria Reina.

Reina's language for the clocks of the brand can reach different contexts and styles, offering versatility of use, without give up to a clear trade mark in each realisation.

Salvioni Spa is glad to introduce the whole Nomon catalogue at the showroom of Inverigo.

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