Neff appliances: when history comes in the kitchen

08 - 03 - 2016

Is a long story the one of Neff. Starting in Bretten, a small town in Germany, since 1877  Carl Andreas Neff's company starts to produce heaters and carbon kitchens.

From the beginning of 1990s Neff starts to introduce the new technologies of the industrial revolution, producing the first bain-marie hobs and the elettric ovens. The brand is always distinguished by a continuous research on innovative materials and  experimentation of new technologies: over the years this elements gave to them the leadership in the market field. Today Neff is a point of reference for everyone want to be surrounded by quality products.

Is possible to find all the Neff products in Salvioni Spa in the showroom of Inverigo, starting from multifunctional ovens to hobs, through dishwasher, refrigerators and coffee machines.

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