Modular bookcases and single beds that become desks, this is how Erba Mobili reinvents the night area

22 - 09 - 2016

For over fifty years Erba Mobili represents a paradigm of elegance and functionality related to children's bedrooms. Starting from the early 60's, the brand focused on the design of products that can conciliate extreme functionality and versatility with a contemporary style.

The evolution of our living habits, that gradually condensed into smaller environments, naturally brought to a change of the approach to interior design. Erba Mobili suggests a new projectual philosophy that promotes multifunctional furniture suitable also for smaller spaces of today's housing solutions.

The new All-in-One collection consists of a transformable single bed that, thanks to a mechanical system, flaps becoming a desk.

Playful shades, instead, characterizes Multibox the new modular shelves system. With its bright colors, it can be easily assembled to create true sculptures in the bedroom.

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