Iconic and modern lamps, Davide Groppi introduces us into the new world of the light.

10 - 06 - 2016

Inspired by the quote of Mies Van Der Rohe – Less is more – Davide Groppi redefines the space through the light with minimal signs, that cut the darkness creating light effects sometimes clearly defined, some others blurred and indistinct.

Combining the famous quote of Mies with the concept of “wire less”, born the “WireLess is more” collection. Summarizing the design style by Davide Groppi, this collection put in the middle of the design process the light, that express lightness and emotion.

The new PoPup lamp combines in a single item two of the biggest passion of the designer: light and music. Indeed, thanks to the technology of the lamp, the music can be reproduced from any wireless device.

A tribute to the essentials and to Lucio Fontana is the Infinito lighting system: a beam of light, endless as suggest the name, that defines the space with a clear sign. A thin blade that reveals pure and basic shapes. A system that in its simplicity contains the most avant-garde LED technology.

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