Gio Ponti Collection by Molteni & C

16 - 01 - 2014

Salvioni Arredamenti inaugurates in the Inverigo headquarter a corner dedicated to Gio Ponti, one of the Twentieth-Century greatest Italian designers. With his tirelessness and versatility he can be considered the father of Italian industrial design, of which he became one of the most important populizer by founding and directing magazines such as "Domus" and "Style". He went through the different styles of the period, from Secession to Rationalism, up to the most daring experiments of the '50s, while keeping intact its neo-classical style that aimed at keeping in modern art the past eye for decoration.

Today, after a long process of prototypes research and selection, Molteni proposes again several works of the designer from Milan. The "Gio Ponti collection" is made with extreme philological rigour: all products' materials, coatings, construction details and aesthetic characteristics are the same as the ones of the period and abide meticulously by the original writings and drawings by Gio Ponti. It is therefore an operation that digresses from design to art history.

The displayed pieces are the following:
* D.655.1 chest : Chest of drawers designed in several versions between 1952 and 1956 , characterized by the drawers' hand-painted fronts in white with applied handles of various species.
* Chairs Montecatini D.235.1: in polished aluminum, designed in 1935 for the first Montecatini Palace in Milan.
* D.250.1 Mirror: mirror frames with different size designed in 1950 and built in hand painted solid white wood.

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