Gallotti&Radice @ IMM di Cologne 2016: wood and glass writing desks and low tables

22 - 03 - 2016

Gallotti&Radice has always linked its presence in the international interior design market, thanks to his know-how and high quality craftsmanship for the crystal processing. During the years the company always tried to look at new design solution and to continue to improve the glass treatment.

At IMM Cologne the brand want to show a new luxury declination, proposing elegant, pure and essential design. Basic elements that through the materials are shaped and enriched, achieving the maximum expressiveness.

Between the most famous items of the brand, like the Venere consolle/writing desk, in lacquered wood with burnished metal structure and glass top, or the Air Desk consolle, with painted glass top and some part in anodised aluminium or satin stainless steel, stand out the Humea low table. This is the new item showed from the maison: a low table with round glass top and lacquered wood base, enriched by handmade finishes in glossy or burnished brass.

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