Fluid shapes and craftsmanship: Natevo introduces Saturno, the new mirror backlighted

30 - 05 - 2016

“Lighting furniture” is the leitmotif of Natevo, a Flou brand, that combines light design with the interior one, to create innovative products unique in its style.

Inspired by the sculpture art, returns piece of furniture constantly in between  craftsmanship and standard production. Designed by Matteo Nunziati, the Saturno mirror follows this stylistic line: a fluid shape, asymmetric, that breaks with the linearity and the pure design of the other furniture, to give a divertissement  inside the house.

The standard production of the frame, through a specific mold, matches perfectly with the  “liquid metal” finishing, really innovative. The application on the surface is done manually, to create a unique product although the reproducibility and the standardization.

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