Flexform @IMM Cologne 2016: low tables and multifunctional sofas

08 - 03 - 2016

The exhibition space at IMM Cologne 2016 shows many products of the new collection. The kermesse has a great influence not only in the German market, but also in  the Northen Europe in general, so Flexform introduces the new edition of Lario Sofa, that is enriched with a new storage armrest covered in leather, that can used as a writing desk-bookcase.

Noteworthy is the Eden sofa-bed: designed by Antonio Citterio in 2010, this model is shown in Cologne with the two twin beds solution, in addition to the previous double bed version.

At IMM stands out also the Tindari low tables in woven leather, with a 70s taste, that dispite of the vintage style results to be still in our times and Helen bench, with a metal frame and a leather upholstery.

The brand is once again up-to-date with his formal purity, his fine combinations, elegance and attention to the international customers.

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