Fabrics to cover entire walls. Kohro presents The Grand Design

08 - 07 - 2016

Kohro's initiative, to over come the boundaries of the wallcovering using a textile solution rather than  ordinary wallpaper, might seem like an extravagant idea. The idea finds its realisation in THE GRAND DESIGN Fall Wallcovering Collection, a large selection of wide fabrics, more than 3 meters in height, deployed over the entire length of the wall through an attentive stringing technique, that confer, to the final result, great tactile and visual charm seasoned with drawings of colonial allure.

It is an innovative solution that turns the surface of the shell-house into active part of the furnishing, raising it to a co-protagonist role along with the elements of classic furniture that inhabit the living area: sofas, armchairs and coffee tables.

The pride of the collection is the Darshan Panorama, a landscape developed along 30 meters of fabric, presented at the last Salone del Mobile which features a hand-made design realised with grisaille technique with references to an Indian colonial scenario.

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