Ceccotti's new 2016 collection: double beds and fine wood desks

15 - 09 - 2016

A perfect balance between classic and modern taste is what characterizes Ceccotti's 2016 collection. The brand takes a specific artistic direction, already experimented during the past year, and combines two different styles that contrast and complete themselves, to create a new artistic language.

The results of this trend are new innovative products such as the Paperwright. desk made of American walnut that evokes the softness of the organic architecture of the 50s, when the wood was shaped into plastic contours respecting the essence of the substance. The leather interior inserts also offer an extra touch of preciousness in the  finish.

With the same mindset has been conceived Buonanotte Valentina, the double bed with an American walnut solid wood structure. It reflects the surrealistic style signature of Cecconi's maison, and suggests an idea of continuity between vertical lines of the headboard, made of small slats, and the horizontal elements of the base that hosts the mattress.

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