Universal Shelving System

De Padova
Designer Dieter Rams

Finishing: Anodized Aluminum

Measures: W 286 cm x D 82 cm x H 298 cm


Dividing two-sided library with: 04 Pillars 06 Crossbeams cm 86 24 Shelves D.23 cm 90 (maximum 23 kg each) 06 Shelves D. 37 90 cm (up to 20 kg each) 08 Profiles for pillars H. 114 + 170

The shelves are fixed to the pillars and drilled to let different positioning. It is not possible to fit in the presence of suspended ceilings. Pay attention to the maximum shown for each shelf, referring to the weight evenly distributed. Item code 606.

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list price € 7.632,00 each
outlet price € 4.961,00** each

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Add **Transport and assembling not included in the price.