B&B Italia
Designer Studio Kairos

Finishing: Grey glossy lacquered

Measures: W 360 cm x D 57,5 cm


Innovative wall system, Pab is a result of a simple idea: a sheet folded in half and restrained by light ties, designed to support and to be used as a bookshelf and top. The composition is made with a base of three modules of 120x57,5 h.39 cm, each one with flap doors; two of this have a shelf in glass fumé, the third one in addition to the shelf has an extractable tray for cd/dvd.

Behind the bottom storage units (for all the lengths) there is a practical cable passage, that make the system extremely clean and linear. In the upper part, there is the shelf supported by cables, that characterized the composition. It measures 360x39 h.39 cm and has a sliding door of 180 cm, that covers half of the shelf, creating movement in the composition.

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list price € 11.682,00 each
outlet price € 7.010,00** each

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