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Gliss 5th is a wardrobe which is characterized by several customization options and the ability to adapt to any situation, even the most difficult. It can be design to satisfy the most different tastes and needs, maintaining the strict and sober style that characterizes the all Molteni offer. The doors are available in 6 different typologies (Trim, Stripe, Square, Wave, LG4, W) which provide a wide variety of chromatic and formal solutions. They are all available both in the shutter version and in the sliding version, in order to best adapt to the place in which the wardrobe is allocated. The first typology has soft closing hinges, while the sliding system provides the automatic approach in opening and closing.

From wood to mirror glass, from the presence of recessed handles to the possibility of inclined cut of the door, to the use of particular finishing similar to fabric or particular resistant to scratches: each compositional solution is possible. The internal covering can be in valuable types of wood, in mat or glossy finishing. The exceptional variety of solutions concerns also the internal tools: hanging rails, chests of drawers, pullout mirrors, tray for trousers and much more. These tools are fixed without screws on aluminum profile, which enables to gain over 30% of space compared with traditional wardrobes.

The Gliss Quick version keeps the high quality of materials and technologies, as the complete modularity and the variety of compositional solution, but it joins them with faster producing times. Everything has the total respect of Molteni philosophy, which considers the design not as a trend, but as a project able to combine versatility and us

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