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Designer: Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

The floor lamp Arco, produced by Flos starting from 1962, is probably the furnishing of lighting most famous in the world. The idea which is based on is an idea extremely simple: to provide a source of light suspended perpendicularly above the point to be illuminated without having to be anchored to the ceiling. This object is achieved through a functional and completely without frills structure, in which from a solid base in marble stands a metal arc that culminates with the dome in which is placed the bulb.

The essential form of each part is characterized by great rationality and versatility: the base in marble has beveled angles to avoid accidental impacts and is provided with a hole with circular section which makes easy the shift of the lamp despite the weight of about 65 kg (it is enough to insert a stick or a broom stick inside and drag it). The body of the lamp is realized with three telescopic structurals steel with U-section, whose lenght is adjustable depending on the needs. The bulb is contained in a cap of polished aluminium formed by two pieces that can be moved to reach the desired angle of light. One of them is perforated, in order to spread a slight light even on the ceiling while avoiding overheating.

The lamp Arco has remained unchanged over the years, earning a recognition and a popularity ever increasing until in 2007 it was recognized as legally equivalent to a work of art by the Court of Milan, thus obtaining a particular protection of copyright.

Technical descriptions: Base in white Carrara marble, cm. 55 x 24. Stem in stainless steel high 230 cm and adjustable depth between 215 and 220 cm. Bulb holder in opaline glass, dome in polished aluminium with diam. 32 cm, positionable at high between 145 and 175 cm.

Available also in version LED with electronic dimmer us

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